The future of innovation is in Europe

Inspiring innovators across borders

With 85.000 innovation based companies and one of the world’s richest talent pool, Europe offers a unique ecosystem stretching from Lisbon to Moscow, Istanbul and Tel Aviv and attracting more than 8.700 investors. Moreover, in 2017 innovators have been the magnet of more than 1200 events across the continent, but Europe is still lacking a unique and comprehensive narrative of its actual capacity to innovate and rival with Silicon Valley.

Join the European Valley section of the Open Innovation Summit in Milan to gain a unique perspective of how the European ecosystem is evolving, the emerging success stories it is generating and take part in our open discussions on the challenges laying ahead and what companies and entrepreneurs need to grow faster.

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European Valley is a full day event for all those searching for inspirations, connections and influences to scale their business across borders.

Join us December to SIOS18 in Milan!


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