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233 million investments since January. All the rounds of the first 6 months of 2018 in a timeline

The year-on-year comparison of investments in startups has accustomed us to results that are not very encouraging. This is why the first positive sign observed in this first half of 2016 assumes even greater importance. We are talking about the sum of the funding obtained by Italian startups from January until today: more than 230 million euros. The sum totals the rounds  completed (127 million € ), the 9 million € coming from crowdfunding and the approximately 100 million € collected by Italian startups based abroad. In the last 3 months new funds have also been created for a total of over 720 million € that will  make easier the growth of startups.

Comparison with  previous year

In the first six months of 2017, around 90 million euros total were collected: 5 million from crowdfunding, 75 million from investment rounds and 11 million from rounds closed by startups based abroad. The comparison is impressive. In the first half of 2018 we have a total of 233 million which corresponds to 107% more than in the first half of 2017, crowdfunding from January 1st is worth 9 million euros, that is 85% more than the same period January 2017 – June 2017, the Italian startup rounds in Italy are worth 127 million (plus 70% compared to 2017). The rounds of startups based abroad are worth 97 million, almost 200% more than in the first six months of 2017.

Comparison with previous quarters

But let’s see the second quarter in detail. From April to June 2018 we have 104.5 million euros gone to startup based in Italy. In essence, this is more than the double, compared to the same period of 2017,  and even higher than the amount  collected in 2016, a very positive year for the Italian ecosystem.

If we look at the operations number, there is no big  difference with the previous quarters. What has changed is the amount of each individual investment, that has increased the total amount  invested in innovative Italian companies. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that the sum of the capital increases signed in 2017 had not reached 140 million euros.

Millionaires capital increases

Among the 17 operations recorded in this second quarter of 2018, some have exceeded one million euros. That’s relatively unusual to Italy: 25.6 million obtained by EryDel,  20 million Medical Microinstruments,  20 million dollars of Coreview,  10 million dollars of Freeda Media, 13 million Supermarket24, 3 million Sclak, 2.5 million Liquidweb and Tannico, 2 million

The funds

Even if it is not a matter of direct investments in innovative business realities, we should also mention the emergence of some funds  that will help the growth of Italian startups, and the recapitalization of others.  We are talking about Indaco Venture Partners Sgr with its 200 million fund and the 120 million P101 fund. Another important fund was opened by the Moratti family dedicated to startups that deal with fashion. Last month the Agnelli family launched the 100 million EXOR fund. Still Cassa Depositi e presiti and European Investment Fund joined forces with a total of 200 million to support ITATech, the first investment platform to support research excellence that will support the financing of technology transfer processes. It is also worth mentioning a large private equity fund, Ambienta III SGR, which is entirely dedicated to companies that deal with sustainability, even if not purely startups. With only three months of marketing activity on May 14, the fund has far exceeded its objective and has reached 635 million euros.

Italian startups abroad 

Among the most substantial transactions of the last quarter is that of Moneyfarm closed on May 29 with Allianz: a 46 million euro operation. The investment of 27 million in Cuebiq and 7 million in iGenius follows. Mapadore, based in the UK, has instead raised € 1 million thanks to the participation of Nuvolab, various business angels and a further equivalent amount introduced as debt capital. Then there is OvalMoney, which is based in London and Turin, and in this quarter has announced two transactions: the first including crowdfunding and other investments for 1.3 million; the second closed with Intesa SanPaolo and its Neva Finventures and the amount of which was not disclosed. Finally, a startup with Italian founder but based in the United States, Conio, closed a 3 million dollar round.

Second-quarter crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fund a business project. Growth shows that the phenomenon bears fruit, because it is an immediate method that young entrepreneurial companies have to finance themselves. CrowdfundingBuzz reports 23 crowdfunding campaigns completed by startups in the second quarter of 2018 for a total amount of 4.8 million euro. Here we have listed in detail the transactions that, if added to those of the first quarter, give a total of over 9 million euros (here all the operations of the first quarter):

  1. Majeeko

On April 1, Mamacrowd closes a 100,000 euro crowdfunding campaign for the digital startup that helps SMEs and micro-businesses to build and keep their website updated thanks to the content already produced for the company’s Facebook page.

  1. LovBy

On Crowfundme in April a € 190,000 campaign for the promotion and communication startup for corporate brands.

  1. CleanBnB

The platform for renting apartments for tourism purposes won € 500,000 on April 23rd on Crowdfundme, marking a record in the period

  1. Criptomining

On Opstart a campaign of 110 thousand euros for Criptomining, the startup that is responsible for ensuring the profitability of mining

  1. Maid for a day 

The innovative startup in Turin specialized in providing professional home services for the management of short-term and private rented apartments was financed on Mamacrowd with € 200 thousand in April

  1. Karaoke One

Karaoke One’s video-music entertainment on smartphone has earned 265 thousand euros on Mamacrowd.

  1. Alfonsino

The food delivery of chatbot Alfonsino has received funding for 150 thousand euro on 200Crowd.


On May 4, the startup that is responsible for monitoring the physical space has closed its crowdfunding campaign on Opstart at € 200 thousand

  1. P2R

P2R is a fun and effective system to allow personalized autonomous rehabilitation sessions on the final user. On May 5th, 150,000 euros were obtained on Opstart

  1. Prestofood

South Italy food delivery was financed on Crowdfundme for 200 thousand euros on 6 May.

  1. Getcoo

Computer vision solutions based on Getcoo’s Artificial Intelligence received € 150,000 on May 11th on Mamacrowd.

  1. Cynny

Two hundred thousand euros on Crowdfundme for Cynny, the Florentine company that deals with the development of innovative products for advertising campaigns.

  1. Glassup

Wearable technologies for use in industrial / Factory 4.0 were financed on 200 Crowds for 200 thousand euros on May 27th.

  1. Elaisian

The technology used to cultivate the olive tree was awarded with a 120 thousand euro loan on Mamacrowd on 5 June.

  1. iLivemusic

The native app for iPhone and Android that directly connects the demand and the offer in the world of live music has obtained 240 thousand euro on Crowdfundme.

  1. Eggup

The innovative startup of the Italian HR-Tech landscape created to make the analysis of individual and team soft skills accessible and useful has received 225 thousand euros out of 200 Crowds.

  1. Takeoff

The innovation in the world of Takeoff co-working has obtained 200 thousand euro on Starsup.

  1. Medicaltech

Medicaltech, the startup that develops telemedicine systems in the cardiology field to connect patients suffering from chronic diseases to their doctors has closed a campaign of 179 thousand euro on Wearestarting.

  1. Fluidia

Fluidia is an innovative startup operating in the life sciences & medical devices sectors. On June 23rd, he got 115,000 euros on Mamacrowd

  1. Userbot

On Crowdfundme, the crowdfunding campaign for Userbot ended on June 30th, the software that uses artificial intelligence technologies to support the man to automate conversations between consumers and companies. The figure reached was 190 thousand euros.

  1. Insilico Trials

Insilico Trials, the first global platform that allows pharmaceutical companies and medical devices to accelerate R & D activities through models and simulations, closed a € 320,000 crowdfunding campaign on June 25th.

  1. DNA Phone

The startup that deals with quality control of the food supply chain developing innovative analysis platforms connected to mobile systems and cloud services has collected on Mamacrowd 670 thousand euros on 30 June.

I round registrati tra aprile e giugno

Below we report the rounds of the second quarter of 2018, indicating the closing date, the main investors and the amount of the transaction. Here all those of the first quarter.

  1. Foodracers

Between the end of March and the beginning of April comes a round of 600 thousand euros from various investors for Foodracers, the startup of food delivery born in Treviso

  1. ChronoPlus

Between the end of March and the beginning of April comes a round of 600 thousand euros from various investors for Foodracers, the startup of food delivery born in Treviso

  1. ArteMest

Millionaire capital increase, 4 million euro, for ArteMest, Milan marketplace active in the art and design sector. Leading the operation of April 5, NUO Capital.

  1. Tannico

The e-commerce of wine born in Milan, Tannico, closed a 2.5 million euro round with NUO Capital on 9 April

  1. is a Milanese food delivery startup. On 19 April, it obtained a € 2 million capital increase thanks to the participation of Innogest.

  1. Medical Microinstruments

In Calci, Tuscany, Medical Microinstruments develops advanced solutions for microsurgery. The innovations presented by this company have attracted the interest of Andera Partners who, together with others, have decided to invest 20 million euros in the startup with a round signed on 18 April

  1. Feat Food

The food delivery that delivers, however, only healthy food. This is the mission of Feat Food that on April 20 obtained a capital increase of € 350 thousand.

  1. EryDel

EryDel, a startup working on the development of innovative methods for the treatment of rare diseases, obtained a 25.6 million euro investment from Sofinnova Partners on 24 April.

  1. Freeda Media

It is an especially social editorial project that was born in Milan and is aimed at the female public. We’re talking about Freeda Media, which closed a $ 10 million round of Series A on May 2.

  1. Le Cesarine

From online community to business. The parade of the Cesarine di Bologna, the home cooking platform, reached an investment of 1 million euros on 3 May.

  1. Worldz

Worldz is a Milanese startup that has developed software that can economically estimate the value of users’ social shares. On 16 May, it closed a 600 thousand euro loan which includes a crowdfunding fee and an investment by Invitalia and other private investors.

  1. CoreView/4ward

Coreview is the startup that offers an innovative platform for managing Office365 to companies. On May 29th, he closed a 20 million round with Insight Venture Partners


On June 13th the platform for online legal advice closed a 850 thousand euro round with various business angels and with Boost Heroes.

  1. Liquidweb

Liquidweb is the startup of BrainControl, the device that fights neurodegenerative diseases. On June 14, it closed a € 2.5 million round with RedSeed Ventures.

  1. YoAgents

YoAgents is a web platform that deals with providing digital services for those involved in the sales sector. On June 14, it obtained 400 thousand euros from various investors.

  1. Sclak

Onomatopoeic name for Sclak, IOT startup that develops digital access keys. June 19 ended a € 3 million round with Vertis Venture 2 Scaleup.

  1. Supermercato24

Thirteen million euros for Supermercato24, the platform that allows the ordering and delivery of home-day shopping. The operation was signed with the participation of FII TechGrowth, Endeavor Catalyst, 360 Capital Partners and Innogest.

  1. Aton Storage

On 27 June Aton Storage, a company active in the development of innovative systems for the storage of electricity from photovoltaic sources, received € 1.5 million from Enel and Intesa Sanpaolo.

  1. Centy

The Centy startup, which has developed an intelligent counter-account managed remotely via an app, closed a € 250 thousand round on June 28 with StarTip, Venpay and IVS Group.

  1. Youfarmer

The first co-farming platform in the world where organic farms provide land and skills for the creation and cultivation of customized vegetable gardens created by Youfarmer has obtained a seed 300 thousand euro round from the Neorurale Group on 29 June.

(original Italian version by Lara Martino, English translation by Antonio Piemontese)


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